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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on the Internet user’s device when the user visits a web page.

It is the website operator who decides what kind of information that cookie will contain and what the purpose of each cookie is, and the cookies can be used by the server web each time that web is visited. Cookies are used to save time and to make the experience of browsing the web much for effective. However, they can be used for various different purposes which range from keeping information about the session log-in to what your shopping cart contains.

There are a large number of guides which explain what cookies are and what they are used for. For our part, we are going to explain how these cookies affect the web page, but if you need more information about this, check out these pages:

How does use cookies? will only use the cookies that you let us use. You’ll be able to control your cookies via your browser. You’ll find more information about this below. We have used some of the existing guides to classify the cookies that we use into various groups:

Performance Cookies Functionality Cookies Targeting Cookies

The following is further information about each of these types of cookies.

1. Performance Cookies.

These are cookies which collect information about how you use a website (for instance, the pages you visit, or if you get error messages and solving problems on the website) and which will also help to locate and solve problems on the website. All information these cookies collect is completely anonymous and helps us to understand how our site works, so we can undertake the improvements called for to make your browsing easier.

These cookies will make it possible:

For you to browse the site. For to collect information on how you use the web page, so that can understand the usability of the site, and this helps us to implement the improvements that are called for. These cookies will not keep any information on you which could be used for the purposes of advertising, or information about your preferences (such as your user data) beyond that visit in particular.

2. Functionality Cookies.

Our purpose with these cookies is none other than to enhance users’ experience at You can block the use of these cookies at any time. uses these cookies to remember certain configuration parameters or to provide certain services or messages which can lead to an improvement in your experience on our site. For instance, they can remember the country or the language you chose when you visited the pages, and they are not used for marketing purposes.

These cookies will make it possible:

To remember your client session log-in details when you return to the page. These cookies will not keep any information on you which could be used for the purposes of advertising, or information about your preferences (such as you user data) beyond that visit in particular.

3. Targeting Cookies.

These cookies are managed by third parties, meaning that you can use those third parties' tools to restrict the use of these cookies. Some of the cookies are used to link to other web pages which provide certain services for, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google. Some of these cookies will modify other webs’ advertisements to adapt them to your preferences.

These cookies will make it possible:

To link to social networks.
To pass on information about your visit to the page to adapt advertisements on other pages.

As well as accepting or rejecting the use of certain cookies through the web page, you will also be able to manage them by using you browser’s configuration.

Here is an information source about how to perform this process:

We’ll only read or write cookies about your preferences. Any cookies which have been installed before modifying the configuration will stay on your computer and you can delete them by using your browser's configuration options.

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